Renovation and Modernization of a Motor Pool Facility

The brief summary of the project:

A design-build project for the renovation and modernization of a Motor Pool Facility within the boundaries of Turkish Armed Forces Sports School in Bahcelievler, Ankara, Turkey within the vicinity of the ODC compound. The warehouse type building with steel infrastructure and corrugated metal roof and wall cladding to be renovated. The purpose of this renovation project is to keep the existing building envelope and structural system to the maximum extent possible and replace all of the interior new construction and new infrastructure.

Project Details

Project Type Design – Build
Project Location Ankara, TURKEY
Owner USACE Europe District
Project Start 16 February 2020
Project End 18 April 2020
Contract Value $ 609,585.00

Replacing the steel structure, removal of existing metal roof and cladding, external and internal walls, windows, doors and replacement with the designated sandwich panel, removal of existing in-use facilities such as office rooms, kitchen, and wet area are included in the scope of this project. Renovation of facilities that are inside of the building, according to the approved design including all architectural, electrical & mechanical, HVAC works, car lifting, plumbing, mass notification, fire alarm system, heating system installations are being carried out under this Contract.

The project is also including the landscaping and pavement works around the Motor Pool Building including earthworks and perimeter asphalt replacement.

The project scope includes below items but not limited to:

  • Demolition of existing pavement, slabs, foundation, walls, steel structure, utilities and landscaping.
  • Earthwork and grading as necessary for the construction of new structure and pavement.
  • Construction of R/C footing foundations.
  • Fabrication, delivery and installation of structural steel frame.
  • Construction of sandwich panel roof and façade.
  • Construction of masonry walls and aerated concrete walls.
  • Design and construction of site drainage facilities as well as adaption of existing site drainage.
  • New construction of site utilities as well as relocation / protection of existing utilities.
  • Construction of new asphalt pavement for vehicle circulation area.
  • Installation of crash protection bollards.
  • Installation of a new Heating system including fuel tank, boiler, circulating pump, radiators, etc.
  • Installation of a new HVAC system including Outdoor Units, Air Processing Units, Exhaust Fans, A/C units, Ducts.
  • Installation of a new Domestic Water system and Waste Water system.
  • Installation of a new Compressed Air System.
  • Installation of sanitary accessories and kitchen furniture.
While Renovation and Modernization of a Motor Pool Facility Ankara / TÜRKİYE, project is ongoing in Ankara, Serka managed and completed Ankara New US Embassy Project as a key subcontractor of BL Harbert, and Serka involved New US Embassy Project at the early tender stage of the Project.

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