Serka International's Zero Harm Principle serves as our road map for assuring Safety and Reliability on each project, enabling consistent safety performance around the Globe.
The Management believes safety can no longer be viewed as a priority that can be ranked in a vertical order of importance but must be looked upon as a value that is inherent in every part of our operation. Further, we believe our most important assets are the people who perform the work and nothing is more important than providing a safe and healthful environment in which to work.

In carrying out this policy, it is clear the only acceptable level of performance is to be “Incident Free” on all of our worksites each and every day. We believe that such performance is achievable with full commitment and diligent effort by each and every employee in the business unit. environment can be created in which all accidents can be prevented and our goal of “Incident Free” is a daily reality.

Creation of an “Incident Free” environment within our business unit requires a thorough understanding and complete acceptance of the Company principles.



2011 – MILCON Bulk Fuel Storage and Supply, Phase 5 & 8 Project

Safety Man-Hour Certificate by USACE for 750,000.00 Accident Free Man-Hours


2013 – Sather Air Base, Baghdad, Iraq

Safety Man-Hour Certificate by US Department of State, OBO for 2,000,000 Safe man-hours with no Lost Time Incidents


Parallel Taxiway and Ramp, Bagram Afghanistan

Certified with 1,000,000 man-hours without a lost time accident by KBR