SERKA International believes and prides itself with mission readiness, with award-winning performance history of providing a full range of operational and life support services in remote locations globally – these also include hostile locations. Our ability to mobilize, operate in a timely manner have been recognized by all our clients and partners.
Within the last 15 years, SERKA International has successfully delivered more than 100 services and facility management contracts worth of $ 2 billion for US Military and NATO Forces worldwide.

With the extensive experience gained from various projects, SERKA International has realized valuable Contingency Support Services projects in remote war zones and challenging locations during the IRAQ War. During this though period, SERKA International simultaneously provided Life Support Services and Operation & Maintenance to more than 150 thousand US Army personnel and eligible Contractors with 7,000 personnel in 17 different locations.

SERKA International provided life support services to Government, main contractors and private sector clients in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Niger, Oman, Romania, Poland, Dubai, Qatar, Bulgaria, Kuwait, N. Macedonia and Turkey from on ground camp operations to servicing satellite (remote) sites, we take pride in self-performance and providing complete life support services from camp facility construction to service operations, that include O&M, Manpower, Dining Facilities, Waste Management, Heavy Equipment, Laundry services and more.
SERKA International have been easily served all services in the desired and the best quality standards at the war zones on time.