Hasan Adalı started business...


...his first major contract was a road construction project connecting Malatya, Diyarbakır and Adıyaman.


Award of first NATO contract, perimeter security installations and service road construction in Malatya Radar Base.

1965 - 1969

Construction of Radar Facilities and Social Facilities at Diyarbakır And Malatya bases.

1971 - 1982

– Award of logistics contract for US Air Forces at İncirlik Airbase.

– Construction of Life Support Facilities at İncirlik Airbase.

– Construction of residential and recreational units for Army Personnel in İncirlik Airbase.

– Miscellaneous renovation works and life support services in İncirlik Airbase.


Commissioning of first aggregate and sand quarry at Ceyhan region in Adana.


Team up with Tekfen as a major subcontractor of TAG Motorway for earthworks, aggregate and concrete works.


Operation of ready mixed concrete plants in Adana starts.

1991 - 1993

– Provision of logistics services to US Army in İncirlik Airbase, Adana.

– Provision of emergency housing to 25,000 refugees stranded in North Iraq and Turkey border

1996 - 1998

Operation of 6 ready-mix concrete plans in Mediterranean Region, producing and distributing 1,5 million cubic meters of ready mix concrete and 3 million tons of aggregate.


Construction of water transmission lines and distribution networks in Northern Iraq.


Construction of Niğde-Pozantı motorway infrastructure works.


Extension of runway and aprons in İncirlik Airbase.


Start up of catering services to 6500 US Army personnel in several bases in Mosul, Iraq.


– Heavy Equipment Park expanded to 100 units.

– Opening of new branch offices in Romania, Jordan and Zaho (Iraq).


– Moved to current SERKA Headquarters in Istanbul.

– Dining Facility Operations reached to 50,000 meals/day in 4 US Army Bases in Iraq.


First MATOC contract award by US Army for construction of housing units and support facilities in İncirlik Airbase.


– First contract in Afghanistan.

– First renewable energy investment, İncirli HEPP in Rize, Turkey commenced.

– Catering service reaches to 40,000 soldiers in various bases in Iraq.

– More than 6000 personnel employed at peak.


– Contract volume in Afghanistan increases Iraq operations continue.

– Signing of first contract in Kyrgyzstan.


– ICS SERKA established in Washington DC.

– First hotel investment initiated in Adana, namely Sheraton Hotel.

– The group turnover reaches to 200 million USD mark.


– Multiple contract awards in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

– Formation of Pernix-Serka JV in Washington DC.

– One of the selected contractors for two multi-billion dollar US Military Funding and US Embassy Building program.

– Located at City of Adıyaman, Gemciler hydropower plant investment in Turkey started.


– Two consecutive contract award in Afghanistan.

– Construction of Manas Airport in Kyrgyzstan and Air Control Tower begins.

– First step in continent Africa, Commencement of a US Embassy contract in Niger.

– Sather Air Base Master Plan Implementation project in Baghdad starts.

– Located at City of Trabzon, Saray hydropower plant investment in Turkey started.


- Grand opening of Sheraton Adana completed with 120 million USD investment.

– Second project in Africa, Freetown, Sierra Leone has been signed.

– Commencement of new renewable energy projects, wind farms in Adana and Tekirdağ with total capacity of 200 MW.

– US Embassy Project in Azerbaijan


– Located at City of Kırklareli, Kıyıköy wind power plant investement in Turkey started.

– The international hotel & property awards 2014 finalist in two categories.


– First Project awarded in Oman, Construction of Channel Dangert 1 in SEZAD Duqm

– First Project in Macedonia, Commencement of Konsko Dam Project

– Second MATOC Contract awarded by US Army Corps of Engineers for property repair and maintenance, environmental, force protection work, and construction services for all U.S. Government facilities in Turkey.

2016 - 2019

– First marine Project awarded in Oman, Construction of Roads, Infrastructure & Buildings at The Commercial Terminal & Operational Zone Areas, Port of Duqm

– Second flood protection channel Project awarded in Oman, Construction of Jurf And Saay Channels in Duqm

– Construction of U.S New Embassy Compound (NEC) Ankara, Turkey awarded by B.L Harbert LLC Renovation and Modernization of a Motor Pool Facility Ankara Project was awarded under the MATOC Turkey


– İncirlik AB Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC) awarded by US Air Force in İncirlik, Adana Turkey

– Construction of Permanent Road Project Subpackages awarded by Saipem in Duqm, Oman

– Bulgaria and N. Macedonia MATOC Contract awarded by US Army Corps of Engineers for provide Design-Build and Design Bid-Build construction services for new facilities and real property repair and maintenance in support of defense operations in Bulgaria and N. Macedonia

– First Project awarded under the Bulgaria and N. Macedonia MATOC, TADSS Center renovation and construction for Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria


– Multiple projects awarded under the İncirlik AB MACC Contract in İncirlik AB, Adana, Turkey

– Second Project awarded under the Bulgaria and N. Macedonia MATOC, Urban Assault Course – Station 4 & 5, for Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria