Quality & HSE Policy

Being a team member of SERKA means fulfilling the responsibilities assumed in accordance with these principles.

Quality & HSE Policy

Serka International Quality & HSE Policy is based on achieving the satisfaction of its customers, employees and surrounding community’s expectations regarding of the work’s quality and the services it provides ensuring the sustainability of the company and making sure that the performance is seen by all stakeholders as an image of competence, confidence and stability.

The Quality Management System is a process of continuous improvement which requires input from everyone in the organization. Everyone individual shall strictly comply and endeavor to improve the process where and whenever possible.

Overall objectives of the Quality Management System and HSE Policy:

  • Improvement of process performance;
  • Minimization of the occurrence of non-conformance and effective and rapid resolution of detected non-conformance;
  • Increasing the client satisfaction by duly fulfilling the commitments we undertake by using appropriate material and workmanship,
  • Complying with all local and international legal obligations and ethical rules,
  • Creating a safe and healthy working environment where living standards of all of our team members are developed continuously, their job satisfaction is increased and successes are shared,
  • Adopting “zero” accident policy in occupational health and safety,
  • Continuing to be environment-friendly by protecting the nature using resources efficiently, recycling the wastes and keeping clean,
  • Increasing our knowledge and experience by following technological improvements,
  • Carrying out continuous improvement and development activities in all of our processes.
are our indispensable principles in all of our activities for achieving our goal “to be a reputable and permanent construction company”.