Mrsovo Hydro Power Plant Construction Project

The brief summary of the project :

Mrsovo Hydropower Plant is located on the Lim River and approximately 3 km away from the Mrsovo Village within the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovinia. Project scope include procurement and construction of Mrsovo Hydropower Plant which has an installed capacity of 36.8 MW.

Project Details

Project Type Design – Build
Project Location Mrsovo, Bosnia and Herzegovinia
Owner Owner Comsar Energy Hidro D.O.O
Project Start 01 Sep 2023
Project End Ongoing
Contract Value €98.025.831,00

The average annual flow of the Lim River is 114.3 m³/s and the planned capacity of the project on the Lim river in the Republic of Srpska in BiH is 36.8 MW. The project includes the perform of all services for design, the manufacture of the Mrsovo HEPP and the construction, installation, completion, and commissioning of the Facilities such as intake Tower, approximately 12 meter cofferdam,derivation channel, power houses etc.


River : Lim
Mean Annual Runoff : 5570 km
Mean Annual Flow : 3.45 billion m3
Maximum Measured Flow 110.7 m3/s
Minimum Measured Flow : 1527 m3/s
Flood Standard (Normal Operation) (Q50) : 1455 m3/s
Total Mean Annual Sediment Transport : 484.9 m3


Type of Turbine :
Vert: Kaplan With Semi Spiral Case
Max. Net Head : 20 m
Number of Units : 3
Rated Unit Discharge : 67 m3/s
Rated Output per Unit : 12.27 MW
Total Installed Capacity : 36.8 MW


Normal Pool Level : 355 m
Minimum Operating Level : 347 m
Reservoir Area (Normal Pool Lvl.) : 1.89 km2
Total Reservoir Capacity : 110.7 m3/s
Minimum Measured Flow : 1.32 mio m3
Lowest Operating Water Level  : 1455 m3/s
Regulation Reservoir Capacity : 7.72 mio m3

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