We, as Serkainternational, would like to express our sincere gratitude to our distinguished clients who have encouraged us with their continuous confidence and to our employees who dedicated themselves whole heartedly to their commitments adhering to the highest quality standards. Together as a team we are targeting new heights without any concession from our core values.

Hünkar ADALI, Chairman

Hünkar ADALI has been a Chairman of the company since 1980, following a legacy business that began with his father in the 1960s. With this formation, Şevki Adalı established International and U.S Group, which plans construction-contracting, logistics and renewable energy projects by expanding the company's fields of activity. He provides ultimate leadership and direction of all Company projects worldwide and guides executive management and our C-suite.


Hasan Adalı serves as a Chief Executive Officer at Serkainternational since 2017 and today, Hasan Adalı is Executive President and Energy Group Head of NGA Build In this role, he leads international construction, contracting, energy, waste management, logistics, construction vehicles, tourism and hotel management projects and investments with 6.000 employees all around the world.


As chief financial officer (CFO), Aytuğ KANAR is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions, accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance and financial relations. His career spans more than 25 years of varied experience in independent auditing, project finance, financial management, financial leadership and corporate financial strategy. He holds a Master of Accounting & Finance from Marmara University, Business Administration Faculty and has an active CPA license since 2002.

After his graduation from Economics and Administrative Affairs, Sinan Tokmakçıoğlu started his career as a research analyst at the Stock Exchange Broker Institution in 2006 and continued his career as a lead auditor in an Independent Auditing Firm for 6 years. He completed his master’s degree on Accounting and Auditing in 2015 and is currently continuing his doctorate. He started his career in Serkainternational as an Internal Audit Manager in 2012, and since 2016 he serves as a Head of the Financial and Administrative Affairs Department

International Group Leadership

Batur Adalı serves as a Chief Executive Officer at Serka International since 2017. As a third- generation representative, before taking over the family business, he has taken a lead roles in varies construction projects in and out of the Turkey, in challenging regions. With this management knowledge and business overview, he has played leading role in Oman investments construction and contracting.

With his experience over the 16 years in the company and his Civil Engineering career, Osman BİNİCİ serves as a Senior Vice President of our Company’s International Group. He manages our worldwide active construction projects with technical management and construction team.

With more than 20 years of international construction experience, Veysel KORKMAZ has served in numerous roles with NGA’s International Group, including Construction Manager, Project Manager, and Operations Director. He is now responsible for the oversight and management of all phases of construction for Oman projects.

Çağrı KARAHAN has been Business Development Manager, Director, Deputy General Manager, and Deputy Managing Director with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Today, he serves as a Senior Vice President for directing the overall construction projects of our International Group.

He graduated from the Middle East Technical University with a B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering.

Water Works Leadership

Ebubekir TURAN has a career of more than 45 years in the construction industry. As President of the Group, he is responsible for overseeing all NGA Build projects and locations. Ebubekir TURAN, who started his business life as Construction Site Manager in 1975, has been involved in the construction of various significant Water Treatment Plant, Diversion Tunnels, dam, HEPP projects since the day he started his business life.