Construction Of Roads, Infrastructure & Buildings At The Commercial Terminal & Operational Zone Areas, Port Of Duqm Project Completed And Put Into Operation


The objective of the Project is to achieve the potential economic benefits from Duqm port development through improved transport efficiency, strengthened logistics, facilitated mineral exports, and reduced supply chain delivery time and costs for the wide spectrum of industries in the new Duqm Special Economic Zone
and its broader hinterland.

The following is the summary of completed activities under the project:

(i) Construction of port related infrastructure, including access road, terminal building, and Operational Zone facilities. It includes the following four main works:

  • Road and paving works, which include construction of 3 km of 2-lane dual carriageway internal roads connecting all the terminal buildings and parking areas; and construction of container and cargo stacking yard, parking areas, and a helipad.
  • Other infrastructure works, which comprise construction of potable water network to serve the commercial berth buildings and ships, a fire fighting network, storm water and sewerage network, installation of electrical, telecommunications, and street and yard lighting cables, and construction of fencing and gates.
  • Terminal building and Operational Zone.
  • Crane beam and track works, which include installation of a crane beam supported on piles, and its tracks.


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