Building The World of Tomorrow

NGA is future-proofing and permanently works on the world of tomorrow. We challenge our boundaries and stretch our limits every day. We always strive for the best possible result for people and planet. We do this through a strong focus on innovation and energy, quality, people and social awareness. In other words, we are committed to sustainability in the widest sense of the word.

Renewable Energy

Our Company is well aware of the essence of renewable energy in sustainable development all around the World, especially in Turkey. Therefore being not only a feasible investment, but also a part of our responsibility to the Earth, we opted for investing in the energy infrasturcture of Turkey with a portfolio of various renewable energy resources.


NGA HSE Program will ensure a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work place for all Company employees and to those who work with the Company by continually reducing accidents, injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is not just another tick in the box. With our social responsibility understanding, we strive for three ambitious key objectives that focus on our social, ecological and economic impact. With this approach, we strive to fulfill our duty to our society and the Earth.

We have utilized all efforts to materialize Hydro-electric Plant (HEP), Wind Power Plant (WPP) and Geothermal Energy Plant (GEP) projects throughout the country, in order to respond to the marginal supply demands.

We have a clear vision of becoming a major player in the Turkish energy market.