Our Story


Hasan Adalı started business...


...his first major contract was a road construction project connecting Malatya, Diyarbakır and Adıyaman.


Award of first NATO contract, perimeter security installations and service road construction in Malatya Radar Base.

1965 - 1969

Construction of Radar Facilities and Social Facilities at Diyarbakır And Malatya bases.

1971 - 1982

- Award of logistics contract for US Air Forces at İncirlik Airbase.

- Construction of Life Support Facilities at İncirlik Airbase.

- Construction of residential and recreational units for Army Personnel in İncirlik Airbase.

- Miscellaneous renovation works and life support services in İncirlik Airbase.


Commissioning of first aggregate and sand quarry at Ceyhan region in Adana.


Team up with Tekfen as a major subcontractor of TAG Motorway for earthworks, aggregate and concrete works.


Operation of ready mixed concrete plants in Adana starts.

1991 - 1993

- Provision of logistics services to US Army in İncirlik Airbase, Adana.

- Provision of emergency housing to 25,000 refugees stranded in North Iraq and Turkey border

1996 - 1998

Operation of 6 ready-mix concrete plans in Mediterranean Region, producing and distributing 1,5 million cubic meters of ready mix concrete and 3 million tons of aggregate.


Construction of water transmission lines and distribution networks in Northern Iraq.


Construction of Niğde-Pozantı motorway infrastructure works.


Extension of runway and aprons in İncirlik Airbase.


Start up of catering services to 6500 US Army personnel in several bases in Mosul, Iraq.


- Heavy Equipment Park expanded to 100 units.

- Opening of new branch offices in Romania, Jordan and Zaho (Iraq).


- Moved to current SERKA Headquarters in Istanbul.

- Dining Facility Operations reached to 50,000 meals/day in 4 US Army Bases in Iraq.


First MATOC contract award by US Army for construction of housing units and support facilities in İncirlik Airbase.


- First contract in Afghanistan.

- First renewable energy investment, İncirli HEPP in Rize, Turkey commenced.

- Catering service reaches to 40,000 soldiers in various bases in Iraq.

- More than 6000 personnel employed at peak.


- Contract volume in Afghanistan increases Iraq operations continue.

- Signing of first contract in Kyrgyzstan.


- ICS SERKA established in Washington DC.

- First hotel investment initiated in Adana, namely Sheraton Hotel.

- The group turnover reaches to 200 million USD mark.


- Multiple contract awards in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

- Formation of Pernix-Serka JV in Washington DC.

- One of the selected contractors for two multi-billion dollar US Military Funding and US Embassy Building program.

- Located at City of Adıyaman, Gemciler hydropower plant investment in Turkey started.


- Two consecutive contract award in Afghanistan.

- Construction of Manas Airport in Kyrgyzstan and Air Control Tower begins.

- First step in continent Africa, Commencement of a US Embassy contract in Niger.

- Sather Air Base Master Plan Implementation project in Baghdad starts.

- Located at City of Trabzon, Saray hydropower plant investment in Turkey started.


- Second project in Africa, Freetown, Sierra Leone has been signed.

- Grand opening of Sheraton Adana completed with 120 million USD investment.

- Commencement of new renewable energy projects, wind farms in Adana and Tekirdağ with total capacity of 200 MW.

- US Embassy Project in Azerbaijan


Located at City of Kırklareli, Kıyıköy wind power plant investement in Turkey started.

The international hotel & property awards 2014 finalist in two categories.


First Project awarded in Oman, Construction of Channel Dangert 1 in SEZAD Duqm

First Project in Macedonia, Commencement of Konsko Dam Project

Second MATOC Contract awarded by US Army Corps of Engineers for property repair and maintenance, environmental, force protection work, and construction services for all U.S. Government facilities in Turkey.

2016 - 2019

First marine Project awarded in Oman, Construction of Roads, Infrastructure & Buildings at The Commercial Terminal & Operational Zone Areas, Port of Duqm

Second flood protection channel Project awarded in Oman, Construction of Jurf And Saay Channels in Duqm

Construction of U.S New Embassy Compound (NEC) Ankara, Turkey awarded by B.L Harbert LLC Renovation and Modernization of a Motor Pool Facility Ankara Project was awarded under the MATOC Turkey


Construction of Permanent Road Project Subpackages awarded by Saipem in Duqm, Oman

İncirlik AB Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC) awarded by US Air Force in İncirlik, Adana Turkey

Bulgaria and N. Macedonia MATOC Contract awarded by US Army Corps of Engineers for provide Design-Build and Design Bid-Build construction services for new facilities and real property repair and maintenance in support of defense operations in Bulgaria and N. Macedonia

First Project awarded under the Bulgaria and N. Macedonia MATOC, TADSS Center renovation and construction for Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria


Second Project awarded under the Bulgaria and N. Macedonia MATOC, Urban Assault Course – Station 4 & 5, for Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria

Multiple projects awarded under the İncirlik AB MACC Contract in İncirlik AB, Adana, Turkey