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Founded almost 60‐years ago as a civil works contractor primarily serving the U.S. Air Force at Incirlik AFB; Serka International is known today as a full service providing engineering, turnkey construction solutions, management, and operation and maintenance to Commercial and Governmental Clients at more than 14 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Since 2008, we have capitalized on US Department of State and US Department of Defense, Overseas Building Operations, US Army Corps of Engineers and US Air Force construction projects.

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Airport Projects

We successfully utilized our experience gained through implementing various Airport projects in Turkey. In 2008; our company was awarded the construction of Parallel Taxiway in Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. Project was completed successfully. Followingly by 2009, the award for the construction of Kyrgyzstan Manas Air Base announced which covers the construction of Guard Towers and Airfield Renovation.

Embassy Compounds

Serka has opted for working with US Government Clients including Department of Defense and State Department and delivered most complex construction projects in austere environments and war zones. With the business conduct inherited from its roots and the working discipline acquired from prominent US Government Clients, Serka International has a distinguished and an exceptional reputation among Turkish contractors for completing its Embassy Projects with the highest quality and ahead of the stipulated schedules.

Marine Structures

With our 60 years experience in construction and awarded significant projects in Oman, Construction of Roads, Infrastructure & Buildings at The Commercıal Terminal & Operatıonal Zone Areas, Port Of Duqm Project was awarded to Serka International to perform this eligible project with the designated quality standards. This forceful project is another proof of the confidence of our clients in our ability to execute various types of work to their exacting requirement and satisfaction. This project is classified as our first (Marine Grade) execution as main contractor.

Industrial Projects

Serka International has constructed numerous industrial buildings – from warehouses, to bulk fuel storage and supply facilities, motor pool facility renovation with strict control guidelines and customized operations. The project samples displayed show ground-up production, as well as facility additions and structure/site modifications. Most industrial projects come with highly sensitive deadlines, and the need for strong budget control. Today, our company has expanded its operations to various locations in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, implementing the most versatile and complex projects ranging from Runways, Housing, Offices, Embassy Buildings, Infrastructural Projects, etc. Our employees are fully dedicated to fulfill each requirement, adding value by enforcing standards, adhering to regulations, knowledge and skills.

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